Guerre civile du Sri Lanka

La guerre civile du Sri Lanka oppose, officiellement depuis 1983, le gouvernement du Sri Lanka dominé par la majorité cinghalaise bouddhiste, et les Tigres de libération de l’Eelam tamoul (LTTE), organisation séparatiste luttant pour la création d’un État indépendant dans l’Est et le Nord du pays, majoritairement peuplé de Tamouls de religion hindoue (18% de la population du pays). Ce conflit a causé plus de 65000 morts depuis 1983.

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The Sri Lankan Civil War is an ongoing conflict on the island-nation of Sri Lanka. Since the year 1983, there has been on-and-off civil war, predominantly between the government and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE, also known as the Tamil Tigers), a separatist militant organization who fight to create an independent state named Tamil Eelam in the North and East of the island. It is estimated that the war has claimed the lives of more than 68,000 people since 1983 and it has caused significant harm to the population and economy of the country, as well as leading to the ban of the LTTE as a terrorist organization across much of the developed world including in the United States, the European Union and Canada. Hopes of a lasting peace were raised when a cease-fire was declared in December 2001, and a ceasefire agreement was signed with international mediation in 2002. However renewed hostilities broke out in late 2005 and have continued to escalate, resulting in the deaths of over 4,000 people since November 2005.

Officially, both sides continue to reaffirm their commitment to the ceasefire agreement, although the government has launched a number of military offensives in recent months and driven the LTTE out of virtually the entire Eastern province of the island, and on the fifth anniversary of the signing of the agreement the LTTE declared they would « resume their freedom struggle to achieve statehood ».

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